Challenges Policy

Effective Date: July 21, 2017

Hello! Here you will find all the guidelines for creating a Road for your brand, company or organization. We reserve the right not to post challenges that may violate this Challenge Policy or our Terms of Use .

We are constantly updating our services, this Challenge Policy may be changed at any time without notice, but all our partners will be notified by email.

Types of challenges that will not be published

  1. Abusive, obscene, racist, sexual, religious, or otherwise objectionable and offensive challenges;
  2. Challenges that encourage illegal, hostile or unethical practices;
  3. Put the lives of our users or third parties at risk;
  4. Ask users for any kind of personal information;
  5. Spam;
  6. Infringes copyrights.

Some recommendations

The GO DO mission is to offer new experiences to our users, we recommend that your challenges are aligned with this mission, here are some recommendations:

  1. Encourage to leave the comfort zone;
  2. Funny;
  3. It does not have to make sense, but if it generates some laughter or some questioning already is valid;
  4. Present new concepts;
  5. Present new places;
  6. Encourage the user to interact with other people;
  7. Self knowledge;
  8. Share knowledge with others;
  9. Offer something to other people;
  10. Make big or small gestures.

General considerations


For more information or partnerships, our email is .